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The idea of arXiv+

For many scientists has become the primary information source for new research developments. More and more results appear on months before they are published in paper journals. Importantly, is 100%% open access, and therefore it delivers science to more people and more locations.

You are taking part in an experiment that we call arXiv+. This website allows you to explore the content of with new functions. Through arXiv+ you can add tags, write comments and 'recommend' interesting papers. You can also see the reactions of others. We envision that these extensions will improve collaborative reading in individual research groups. Eventually arXiv+ can grow into an open interactive environment that offers feedback to authors and suggestions for readers.

At this stage access to arXiv+ is by invitation only. We hope you will share your thoughts on arXiv+ with us, to help us improve some functions and drop other. At the end of the testing phase we plan to summarize the results in a report which will be forwarded to administrators. The success of the experiment relies on your participation - the more you use arXiv+ the better it becomes!

How does arXiv+ work?

arXiv+ is a proxy script. When you browse through arXiv+ it sends a request to for a page you are looking at and rewrites it a bit to add extra functionality. Our database keeps track of comments, views, tags, etc.

Integrating arXiv+ with your RSS client

Many people follow updates using the RSS technology. Now you can replace RSS feeds with arXiv+ feeds to keep up-to-date with latest arxiv submissions. Simply add arXiv+ rss feeds to your favorite RSS-reader (such as Google Reader). If you find a paper interesting, click on it. It will take you to its' arXiv+ page. You will be able to evaluate papers, and see other people's comments.

Getting messages about new papers

If you want to watch the RSS feeds for certain terms automatically and receive a message when a new paper matching your criteria appears, you can go to the 'My profile' page and then to 'Watch terms'. This allows you to add text that will be searched for in the author, title and abstract fields (more specific functionality might be added later).

Using browser rewrite plugins

Using browser url-rewrite plugins it is possible to go to arXiv+ whenever you click on a link to Examples of such plugins:


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